Beauty Queen by Hidden Florist

Beauty Queen by Hidden Florist, Sunbury, Melbourne
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A lush Bouquet of stunning locally grown roses from Victoria,
made with love perfectly presented
to give to your Beauty Queen . . .or King

All flowers are arranged by qualified florists.
Bouquets are wet packed to ensure flowers are kept hydrated & fresh

Beauty Queen is created using Grandiflora Classic Roses (Large Garden Classic Rose with a Fragrance ) lush foilage and a beautiful glass vase.
Beauty Queen by Hidden Florist is a luxurious rose bouquet
Suitable for any occasion

Please note Grandiflora Classic Roses are grown as a Classic style rose
 If the roses have been out of water for a while,
ensure you trim a small length off the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife or scissors before placing them back in water.
This will allow the rose to drink easier through the stem.
Changing the water and trimming the bottoms of the stems every few days also prolongs the vase life of roses. 
Remove any foliage that sits below the water line in your vase.
Also keep in a cool and dry environment as possible (away from heaters, direct light and air-conditioners) to prolong the life of your gorgeous roses.